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Festivals and Galas

Planning festivals and galas for you is much different than planning for others because we believe that every client’s event should be customized for that individual.  Whether it’s for 10 or 100 we know how much your gathering means to you.  Large catering events require specific experience and expertise.  Chaé Porteé is well versed in the unique challenges of high profile events, while helping you keep your bottom line and goals in mind.


Our catering event specialist have developed systems that help make your event-planning stress free with cost saving ideas to make the most of your catering budget.  Call or email us to learn how Chaé Porteé can make your festival or gala a success.  

Special Events

When it comes to your Special Events, you want every detail to be perfect.  Chaé Porteé Catering works closely with you to plan every aspect of your special day.  Whether you are planning a presentation, a corporate meeting, a luncheon, or dinner our menus can be customized to meet your special needs.


The date has been set, the guest list is in the works, and now it's time to find an amazing wedding caterer service, and we are the caterers that can be there for your special day! 


Chaé Porteé Catering believes food is an art form.   One of the most important elements of your wedding reception is the food.  Every detail, from the table dressing to the serving, from the food presentation to first taste, is an opportunity to create a memorable experience for your guests.


Our focus will be on simplicity, elegance, and creating a total environment that reflects the personalities and preferences of the bride and groom.

Meal Preps

With our Meal Preps, we are here to help you!  

1. Family meals

2. Health Reasons

3. To save time for meal planning

What ever the need is, we can help!

We invite you to share your vision with us and let us show you what we can do together.  Remember, we also welcome special requests, personalized packages & custom catering creations to meet all of your special needs.  We are here to help and to make your event memorable! 


Part of our expertise is the understanding that a successful event is about high quality food and an exceptional service.  Chaé Porteé Catering employs very experienced and professional staff.  That’s why we always focus on maintaining those goals at each event.


NOTE:  Please provide us with a 2 - 3 day advance notice for your catering needs; there are occasions we can assist you on the same day.

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