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Arlington | Texas | Chaé Porteé Catering
It all began one sunny day in the Porter's kitchen....

Chaé Porteé originated from the comfort of our own kitchen entertaining family and friends for certain events such as; football games, book club meetings and social gatherings.  We were getting so many compliments on our food and the presentations, that many of our guests asked if we would cater events for them.  We started out catering events for family and friends which turned out to be a rewarding adventure that we share with people such as you, who only demands the best quality from a catering service.


Our motto is “When you’re in a bind, give us the time” for all your catering needs.  

Why Choose Us?


  • Certified

  • Insured & Licensed

  • Outstanding Customer Service

  • Friendly & Excellent Professional Staff

  • We Cater to Your Needs

  • Meal Prep


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